Winter is Coming!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been waiting 6 months to say that; and now the Midsummer Concert is over, the reality has hit home.

For those of you with a life outside of George R R Martin’s masterwork that is Game of Thrones, *correction: for those of you with a life; this blog title might seem at best realistic, at worst glum. If however, you are completely engrossed in HBO’s adaptation – severed heads and outrageous amounts of nudity all very much included – then the phrase ‘winter is coming!’ might turn your bones inside out. Or instead it may signal the crucial moment to consume another unit of alcohol – depending on the company you have with you.

Our Midsummer concert was a success, on many levels. We have never gelled so well as an orchestra before. The feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. Part of this success must be contributed to choice of programme, and the hard work of all involved. Having said that, we recognise there is a lot to learn too, and in order to build on this success in the future we must broaden our audience base and strengthen our brand. In essence, there’s a lot of work to do over the coming months, and we have accepted the challenge!

There is a big date in our diary – 29th October 2013. This date is unanimously considered as autumn. The fact that ‘winter is coming’ therefore, suggests that autumn is coming sooner. October will be here in a flash, and Orchestra Vitae are on the case. What does autumn hold; a new venue and an opportunity to introduce our work to a wider audience. In short, Orchestra Vitae is moving quickly; almost as fast as HBO’s actor turnover.

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Now for the next episode.

Michael Cobb
Director of Music

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