Vitae at FIE Student Global Leadership Conference


FIE has been crucial in the development of Orchestra Vitae since the first concert in April 2012. For this reason, OV are excited to be working with FIE to produce a unique break-out session that aims to discuss and clarify the question: ‘What does a conductor actually do?’

This question is asked of conductors throughout their lives, and every answer is different. Michael Cobb – OV’s Conductor and a member of staff at FIE – will attempt to answer the question with a view of exposing the key use of leadership qualities. A conductor is a clear visual leader within a performance, but what about during a rehearsal? And does this mean the musicians have simply to follow and obey?

This excitingly visual and practical presentation will incorporate a small chamber orchestra; not only to demonstrate key points brought up in the session, but also to give delegates themselves the chance to conduct for the first time, giving a practical feel of exactly what standing on the rostrum entails.

Leadership and Teamwork are the two inter-connecting titles to be discussed in the session.

The introduction to the break-out will be drawn predominantly from Michael’s own conducting

FIE are our International Education Partners.

FIE are our International Education Partners.

teaching and experience, where, as a conductor, he has faced and overcome challenges of leadership and rehearsal technique. As well as introducing the audience to his own leadership discoveries, Michael will most importantly aim to inspire other students to get up and do something for themselves. In essence, leadership can only come from someone who decides to lead their own life; learning how to be a leader will follow with practice.

Practical elements will then fill the majority of the session, where students will be able to see a short rehearsal, engage with specific instruments in the orchestra that require differing attitudes to leadership and responsibility, and finally some students will have the opportunity to conduct themselves.

The session will then conclude with a reflection, asking students to comment on the experience of conducting and interacting with the orchestra. There will be an opportunity to speak to Michael and the orchestra after the session, and if there is time, the orchestra will provide a short performance on the way out.

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