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Founded in 2012 Orchestra Vitae is the fastest growing professional orchestra in London. Our musicians are young professionals who have established themselves in the British musical scene. Orchestra Vitae specialises in creative programming: mixing contemporary music with fresh performances of well-known works. Having already performed at The Royal Festival Hall, Saint John’s Smith Square and Guildford Cathedral we are now programming into 2017 and beyond.

In addition to our programmed concerts we enjoy performing for private clients at a range of events including weddings, corporate events and private parties and would be delighted to talk to you about your event. No idea is too small or too large and we look forward to hearing from you.

Our bespoke service offers a full range of musicians from a single harpist, pianist or singer through to a full Symphony Orchestra. We regularly provide Trios and Quartets for private events including weddings, dinners, corporate events and parties and have even performed in a kitchen in Norfolk for a private family lunch. Our professional team will make all the arrangements and in consultation with you will select the perfect music for yo ur event.

Solo Musicians – harpist, pianist, violinist

Chamber Groups – trios, quartets

Orchestras – String, Chamber or Full Symphony

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