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Orchestra Vitae at Guildford Cathedral

Orchestra Vitae in concert with Wimbledon Choral Society & Cardiff Polyphonic Choir at Guildford Cathedral March 2014.

Orchestra Vitae was founded in April 2012 and since then have become one of London’s fastest growing orchestras, performing in venues throughout the country from the Royal Albert Hall (TEDxAlbertopolis) to a Kitchen in Norfolk.

In October this year we will be performing a premier of a large choral work.  In Vitae style we are creating a bespoke choir of 120 singers to join the orchestra for this very special concert – which celebrates the idea that love and peace will always triumph over war and violence.

If you would like to be considered to sing in this exciting  venture please sign up using the form below.  We can’t publish the full concert details online here, however once you sign up you will receive them all via email.

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 Rehearsal, London - Sunday 28th September – 4pm-8.30pm
 Rehearsal, London - Sunday 5th October – 4pm-8.30pm
 Rehearsal, London - Sunday 12th October – 5.30pm-8.30pm
 Rehearsal, London - Wednesday 15th October - 6pm-9.00pm
 Performance, London - Thursday 16th October

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