St Mary at Hill entrance courtyard.

OV in Rehearsals

Day 2 of rehearsals for our concert at Saint John’s Smith Square and I am opening up the church at St Mary at Hill in the City.   Unlocking the outside gate, I walk through the little churchyard and open the main door into the church and for a few moments I am the only person[…]

Orchestra Vitae's Management Team - Photo by Stuart Cox

Team OV – A day in the life

Our weekly meeting for Orchestra Vitae – coffee and breakfast in Pain Quotidien at Victoria, Rob is early, Mike late so all is normal!    Much talk of the performance Orchestra Vitae provided at the TEDxAlbertopolis Event at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday. The excitement is building for our next Concert in a month’s time[…]


Winter is Coming!

I’ve been waiting 6 months to say that; and now the Midsummer Concert is over, the reality has hit home. For those of you with a life outside of George R R Martin’s masterwork that is Game of Thrones, *correction: for those of you with a life; this blog title might seem at best realistic,[…]