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Orchestra Vitae was founded in 2012 by violinist Fiona Gibbs and conductor Michael Cobb. Initially the idea was to create one concert centred around their favourite piece – Symphony No. 1 by Johannes Brahms. The concert was a great success and it became clear that one concert was not going to be enough – Orchestra Vitae was here to stay!

Orchestra Vitae now plays regularly at St. John’s Smith Square. The Orchestra has completed a Brahms Symphony Cycle, performed contemporary works by Stephen McNeff, Stephen Montague, Jonathan Dove, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies and Diana Burrell, commissioned a new symphonic work ‘Arches’ by Dani Howard, performed with soloists John Harle, Fionnuala Ward and the Françoise-Green piano duo, formed a choir and worked with hundreds of school children in our outreach events.

Orchestra Playing

Furthermore, the orchestra was invited to perform alongside Wimbledon Choral Society at the Royal Festival Hall as part of their centenary celebrations, we provided music for TEDxAlbertopolis at the Royal Albert Hall and we have given numerous students from the Foundation for International Education the opportunity to perform alongside some of the greatest emerging talent in the country.Every performance by Orchestra Vitae is exciting, exuberant and exhilarating! Don’t miss out! Join us for our next performance!

Our Mission

P.T. Barnum said that, “The noblest art is that of making others happy” and that is Orchestra Vitae’s basis for every concert - we want our audience and orchestra to have fun! Every performance is full of life (we simply don’t believe in boring) but we do believe that orchestral music is for everyone and is magical in its ability to bring people together and allow us to express emotion. Orchestra Vitae uses classical music to create connections between people, and a community anyone can be part of.

Board Members

Tom Thurgood

Tom Thurgood

Dani Thurgood

Dani Howard

Don Ramsay

Lyndsey Silver


Barbara Hamiton

Director of Administration-Barbara Hamilton

Fiona Gibbs

Director of Music-Fiona Gibbs

Michael Cobb

Associate Conductor-Michael Cobb